What We Do

What We Do?

Helping young people in their vulnerable moment

Counselling,  Mentoring, Training, Empowerment

Young People Social Justice

R4E has partnered with the relevant stakeholders for adequate representation of young people at the Juvenile to ensure that they are free at a young age. We have worked with young people identified as high risk during and after their release; this has made us to realise that every young person deserve that opportunity to change and this doesn't necessarily have to be within the confine of a juvenile home. We believe that in the Diversion and Aftercare process that prevents young people away from getting involved with the social justice system, or are supported to focus on their goals so they don't return to offending.  This integration process is a major determinant in the lives of this young people at release.

Behavioural Health

R4E provide mental health care to young people; this service support young people with the adequate care required to prevent them from repetitive offending and adhere to the legal requirement of the Government. Most of the young people in Juvenile have been identified with mental health symptoms ranging from Abuse to Trauma, however, this has not been given much priority as instead they are incarcerated. 


To improve the behaviour of young people in Juvenile and improve in the integration process, young people are mentored to follow through with their career at release. This mentoring program involve the engagement of different professionals across different sectors so as to avail the Young People something to look up to at release. 


To prevent or reduce the chances of young people joining gangs, becoming violent or resulting to activities that could affect public safety ; we provide interpersonal trainings to improve relationships, increase family bonding, reduce the chances of engaging in gang fights. This trainings support in our aftercare program so as to prepare the young people at release. 


The aim of advocacy is to influence decision-making in these areas and to inform the public, government and relevant stakeholders on the salient problems that we are solving. Social justice is the right of every young person and we are committed to providing the necessary support in this regards.  As part of our Advocacy program we implement Crime Prevention Campaigns to communicate to young people on the need to stay away from violence and unsafe acts.

Youth Counselling

Our strength will evolve being concentrated on mentorship, counselling and speaking engagements that will inspire the youth to make better decisions that will propel them into that great future which they deserve.


We believe that with the counseling, guidance, and mentoring provided the youths will be emotionally stable, well informed, and educated to become employable and innovative. 


We conduct training empower the youth with vocational skills and soft skills. We also partner with stakeholders in the review of educational policies, curriculum, and learning environments for the youths.