Youth Mentoring

The major function of the Mentoring Program is to build the mental health of young people and help them to identify their purpose to become role models and changemakers in the society. This program will work in building the capacity of the youths between the ages of 13-35.

We have a documented process that provides an overview of the specific goals, guidance, roles, responsibilities, and criteria for easy implementation of the program. The R4E Mentoring Program will accomplish the following: to inspire, motivate, and guide others to become young people of exemplary character and mindset.

A program manager will be assigned to share the program’s success factors, desired outcomes, and evaluation of the scope and quality of program activities. The Mentoring program strives to always integrate the current organization’s program into mentoring activities to make an impact. Ensure program modifications are based on evaluation findings of beneficiary’s stories, history, perceived emotional issues, background

Raised for Excellence continues to improve, develop, and ensure Mentees receive the best of their engagement with all Mentors. The R4E Mentoring Program will serve as one of the organization’s tools in achieving its mission of counseling. This Mentoring program is to support the organization in making an individual impact on the lives of young people.

The two principal goals of our mentoring program are:

➤ To improve the well-being of young people and leading them to become better.

➤ To help young people identify their purpose in life whilst harnessing their potentials for empowerment.

However, for our different campaigns, there will be additional goals. 

Mentoring Cohorts

➤  Cohort 1 – Twenty-five (25) boys were mentored in the Crime Prevention Campaign at above 6 weeks. 

➤  Cohort 2 – This program is currently ongoing as we Mentor Young People (Ex-Offenders)

    The objectives of this Mentoring Program include but not limited to the following


    Support Mentee to understand the organization’s vision, values, mission, and goals. Also, to understand what a Mentoring program is about with both the Mentee/Mentor agreeing to set of personal goals which they will want to achieve by either at the end of the first phase program or the entire program.

    Skills or Potential Enhancement

    Understand the skill or potential of each mentee so as to establish road maps on how their skills or potentials can be harnessed, enhanced, and improved on. This could also suggest internships or collaboration for scholarships.

    Professional Identity, Career Development

    A mentor can also mention or introduce successful or professionals in specified skills to improve the morale of these young people whilst also explaining how they could function as a professional in the chosen field. Also, we help Mentees identify and choose career paths to support in planning, developing, growing, and manage their careers.

    Leadership and Management Development

    Encourage the development of leadership competencies. The Program also involves organizing leadership workshops for young people.