We Are the Youth Changemaker

We have realized that the family of the youths are influencers in the lives of the Youths as they have formed most of their beliefs, mindset, and characters from their background. Youth in the family always want to have somebody in the family who they can believe in and rely on for support. Therefore, our programs will endeavour the strong participation of the families in Youth Development.

It is our dream to empower, inspire, connect, guide, support and reach out to at least “One Youth One Home” in the country and this, we are optimistic we can achieve by formulating strategies, soliciting for grassroots partnerships and being innovative.

We will prioritize advocacy for the youth and youth development as we have realized that the complexity of the issues that relate with the youth centres is a reflection of the impact of their families, environments, government policies/economy, Education, Health, Media and Religion. We will act as Nation Builders, conveners, collaborators, catalyst, bridge builder, and voice amplifier.

As youth advocates, we will be to counsel the youths on the effect of drug abuse and teenage pregnancies with reference to abstinence as the best. The effects of unwanted pregnancy and drug abuse cannot be overemphasized as these could impede on their future. We will promote programs and organize projects that help the youth manage their mental health, depression and self-confidence.

We believe that with the counselling, guidance and mentoring provided the youths will be emotionally stable, well informed and educated to become employable and innovative. This will make the youths become active citizens in the country who will be able to drive economic growth in the economy. Our goal will be to educate the youth and open up their minds to the future of opportunities awaiting the release of their potentials.

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