Our Principles

We will be all Inclusive

We believe in equality; the sex, race, color shall not be a barrier to our reach to the young people that are our beneficiaries. In implementing our programs we will be all-inclusive leaving no one behind. The Vulnerable and displaced youth shall always be part of our projects hence raising each other up without any barrier.

Continuous Improvement on Quality Information

We will improve in our research and access to technical support to ensure that we are offering the best services to our beneficiaries per time. 

Youth Participation & Quality Relationship

It is of great importance that the young people that are made involved in our projects are influencing their peers, young people will act as a change agent in enhancing communication with their peers. 

Strong Partnerships

To effectively implement our programs we will build partnerships and collaborate with families and stakeholders surrounding the lives of the young people. We shall build partnerships with stakeholders across all our projects for us to effectively bring value to the beneficiaries

Our Objectives

  • To provide mental health care, mentoring and training for the improvement of behaviors and well-being for marginalized and vulnerable young people involved with the Juvenile System even as we prepare them to be socially reformed to the society
  • To support young People in schools, communities and those in contact with the law enforcement agencies, who exhibit behaviour that could lead them to juveniles so they can be emotionally, psychologically healthy and connected to mental health care.
  • To provide meaningful legal support for young people facing jail terms in juveniles
  • To empower young people involved with the juvenile system an opportunity for the achievement of their life goals-through education, jobs, shelter and skill acquisition
  • To monitor, track and review the incarceration process of young people awaiting trial or in juveniles through Technology
  • To be involved in the reform of the policies affecting young people in Juvenile