What We Do?

Helping young people in their vulnerable moment


The R4E CareModel is an intensive and all inclusive plan that involve the comprehensive review of the individual in or about to be enforced into compulsory care. With this model, from the moment the Individual is involved with the Juvenile till they are released from the Juvenile we are engaging and creating an holistic reform plan to reduce the risk of repetitive offending.  This model follow this major steps which include Assessment (On intake or In contact with our team), Planning on the appropriate strategy to support the young person thereafter we Implement this plan to the point of release. At release the  support continues through our mentoring and support approach to ensure that they are not alone and the reformation process is complete. Our approach for the R4E-Care Model also involve providing interpersonal skills training, Numeracy and Literacy, Vocational  empowerment.  On release, the model is implemented to continue with the achievement of their goals, most often this are education and basic shelter.  

Advocacy Model

The Advocacy model is a major part of our social justice intervention for young people. Every young person in Juvenile deserve to be in School and not in incarceration. Our Intervention approach is a direct tip off from the R4E Care model through which we are able to identify young people requiring social justice support. This model is implemented through legal intervention to ensure that young people are either not Incarcerated or are released within the shortest time possible.  Our Advocates help give a voice to the beneficiaries that we serve. 


Raised for Excellence

Raised for Excellence is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that has implemented several Projects involving young people. We are passionate about young people because they are tremendous tool for growth and sustainability in any economy.

In our quest to leaving no young person behind irrespective of their vulnerability; we had engaged with young people in Juvenile who got into involved with the system for substance abuse, unhealthy behaviour, petty and medium risk offences while few were found loitering or their guardian or parent  had brought them in for corrections.

We also got involved with young people who had claimed that they were wrongfully charged but were not released until years after, as a result of successful interventions while others, who didn’t have access to such interventions remained behind bars.   Most of whom have had their life goals disrupted and cut-short hence, their feeling of meaninglessness, helplessness, depression and suicide ideation.

Engagement with some ex-convicts showed that few were back to the Street as they had no access to basic care, shelter, education, job at release and had got involved with gangs while another few continued display of unhealthy behaviour. 

In Raised For Excellence We believe every young person should be accountable and held responsible for their actions however, our belief in justice requires that we are fair in our approach to implementing corrections because most of the young people at the Juveniles are victims of the economy and family backgrounds.

We are therefore involved in implementing programs that will lead to behavioural change in young people that have had or likely to have conflict with the law,  empower them pre & post release.   We also believe that the Juvenile Centre is no place for any young person and it is our goal to  reduce incarceration and work towards creating a diversion system to minimise the jailing of young people.  

We partner with professional mental health/family therapist, coaches as mentors for both our pre-release and post-release programs. With our post-release program young people are given the opportunity to improve in their lives through our mentorship, empowerment, training and family bonding activities.   Our Advocacy partnerships thrive to ensure that no young person is incarcerated and if at all they are, they are freed within a short while. 

Our Access to program beneficiaries, their families, partnerships help us to build homes and systems for economic growth


Our Vision

 To create a future where young people are equipped to achieve their dreams and contribute to the development of society at large


Our Mission

To Counsel for Behavioral Change, Empower, and Advocate for Youths so they can have a better future

Our Core Values

Responsibility, Respect, Care, Integrity, Justice

Our Mantra

We help young people gain clarity, lead in their purpose and break out of all limitations so they can be life changers by making the right decisions.  This is our commitment to every young person that we engage with.

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